17 May 2008


My name is Nisazka Syaula Melati. My nickname is Sazka. I am 11 years old. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. My address is Jln. Rawamangun Muka Selatan. I have one sister and I am the oldest. My sister’s name is Bita. I’m blogging to practice my English because I’m not really good at talking in English. But my father always helps me with it.

You can contact me at sazka@yahoo.com


Hey hey, it’s 2010, and i’m 13 years old waw :D
time goes by so fast anyway, and it’s been 2 years no blogging at all huaa D:
i miss it indeed, so it’s high time now to start blogging again hehe, posting some kinds of my teenage stories, my friends, and maybe my desires for the future :)

and now, i’m already in the first grade at dwiwarna boarding senior high school, parung - bogor.

there must be something more wonderful i can share on this blog with you all. and that may be some kinds of interesting stories i’ve ever had and you’ve ever known. hahaha pede =))




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