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17 May 2008

this is sazka

This is me, Sazka. I am in a Hotel near the lake. At that time, I was attending in event of Danone International Day. I got a chance to join the event because I won the writing contest. The prizes was a five-day tour and meet Zinadine Zidane. I was very happy. I hope, someday I could meet him again.

Today is Friday.

I feel truly great because I get good news. Just two days ago, I took part in entrance test at Smabel (SMPN 115 Tebet, Jakarta). There were around 300 participants altogether. It was a test to be a student in SBI (Sistem Berstandar Internasional), an internatinal class where the teaching is in English.

I feel great because I passed the first test. After this, I still have to prepare myself to take “Praktek” test and “Wawancara” or interview. The “Praktek” test is about ICT (Information Communication Technology). It will be held on Monday, April 21, 2008. So, I must learn again about computer and internet. Fortunately my father is a little good at it and he who teaches me about it.

I am blogging like this is also because of my father. He said that by blogging, I can practice writing English. Besides that, I can make my blog a place for ads to earn money. I hope so.

OK, so I must prepare myself well for the next tests. I pray to God so that I can be successful in the test.

Psycho test… Oh no…

After taking ICT test, next I must take a psycho test. You know what it’s all about. Confusing test. But I must take it. Otherwise, I will be disqualified. I hope God always gives me the best so I can pass the test easily and be a student of my dream school.

The psycho test is over. It as held on April 22, 2008. I think I could do it well even though I missed a little part. Now I am waiting for the result that is going to be announced on May 16. I can’t wait it no more. My heart beats faster and faster.

Hello world, pray for me ya

My dream is I want to be a designer and a comic creator (Mangaist). I choose them because I like drawing. I like making comic and reading it. Thera already many figures that I have created.

Besides to be a designer and a manga creator, I also want to study abroad or travel around the world. But I don’t know how to reach it because it needs a lot of money. May be I must save my money from now and try make money by making comic for sale.

I always pray to God that someday I can make my dream come true.

This is the inauguration day of my Elementary School Graduation. I’m standing right behind my teachers (behind and between). I’m the little girl wearing glasses




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